Technical competences

Our experience in compounding domain gives us the possibility to make compound materials of high quality from new materials, recycled materials or mixed materials (new/recycled). Compounding and ennobling of plastic materials (new or recycled) are made introducing 40 % mineral (talcum, carbonate), SBS, TPE in plastic materials.
In recycling domain we are in measure to ensure a extremely good quality to our products, materials supply from post industrial sources (good quality, undegraded materials), separation materials (plastic waste) is made with qualified personal, basic material are identified and deposited separately. For reduce granulometric distribution all recycling lines have vibrating sieves.
Our experience in extruding films domain permit us to make films with diameter between 30 - 4000 mm. Also we are able to produce films from recycled materials.
Equipments that we have, allow us to extrude PVC monofilaments with variety of diameters (from 0,22 mm to 2,5 mm). We are able to make PVC dryblend, and we can obtain a very diversificate plastify grade and different colours.
We can make corrugated carboard packaging and boxes very complicated.
We can execute manual corrugated carboard boxes with big dimension for furniture, and corrugated carboard boxes inside covered with polietilene for special use (freezing fruits and meat).

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